Work Place Well Being

Work Place Well Being

Work Place Well Being

On average, businesses with lights that change their tone as the day progresses have a 39% higher gross profit then those without.

Source Wellness Together 2017 Survey

An office environment as with all internal environments should be designed with comfort in mind, natural day light, good ventilation (avoiding stuffiness) and comfortable temperatures. The ability to control aspects of the light and temperature are also beneficial.

In addition to the basic considerations of a quality environment. Employees with access to quiet spaces for concentrated working, collaborative working areas and social interactive spaces benefit from choosing their environment. People may choose to stand and work whilst others prefer to sit.

There isn’t one style that suites everyone or applies all the time - having access to out door space and having healthy food in the office (fresh fruit) contribute to an improved work place environment.

Higher performing companies are more likely to have a wide range of facilities in place for their staff and include features that promote wellbeing such as showers, cycle parking, personal lockers, plants, quiet working spaces, variable lighting control, workstations that promote healthy posture and amenities for social.

Employees in high-performance companies say they have more freedom to choose how they work and move about (e.g. move to another space in the office, choose between sitting and standing, have some healthy food or go home to finish work).

Wellness in the work place can

Increases productivity and motivation – healthy employees can physically perform better because they have more energy. They are also more efficient and more focused.

Bring teams together and build morale - when teams engage in wellness initiatives together outside and inside work they have a shared purpose which builds camaraderie.

Decreases work-related stress - Fitness and healthy eating can reduce stress. And if a company can implement an environment people are comfortable in this can de stress the work place.